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GH-75A heated glove for motorcycle
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Product: Views:136GH-75A heated glove for motorcycle 
Brands: Anpan
Unit price: 5.00元/Unit
MOQ: 1 Unit
Quantity: 999999 Unit
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-01-16 13:19


heated glove for motorcycle:
1.good for outdoor work
2.high technical

GH-75A heated glove for motorcycle


This glove applies advanced FIR heating technology. It can radiate FIR energy when powered by electricity. Due to the therapy effect of FIR heating, it can be used not only as a warm-keeping device but also as a new type of low temperature FIR therapy equipment.




Product Features:


  1. Applying FIR heating with both warm-keeping and therapy functions.
  2. High heating efficiency with low power consumption. For example, it can reach 25°C that is very comfortable for human body in a very short time when the environment temperature in the house is 0°C-10°C with very low power consumption. Meanwhile, it produces FIR energy that can resonant with water molecule under skin.
  3. With a low voltage of DC3.7V, it is absolutely safe and therefore can touch human body directly without any safety problem.
  4. Adjustable temperature. This range of products are equipped with thermostats with which you may adjust working temperature according to the requirements of different environment freely.
  5. Alternative power supply. It can be powered by both Ni-Mh battery and Li-on battery to satisfy the need of different environments.
  6. In case powered by lithium battery, it can work for 2-4 hours continuously each time after being charged. Besides, the battery can be carried out conveniently and therefore is very suitable for outdoor place and other environments that do not have AC power supply.
  7. Rapidness. The temperature will rise promptly when it is powered.
  8. Highly safe and reliable. It will not fire or explode in conditions such as short circuit, over charging, over discharging, shock, vibration, sting and high temperature etc.
  9. Long life-span. Without memory effect. The capacity will not be lower than 80% of it’s rating capacity after 500 times of charging.


Health care functions


  1. Relieving muscle tension and fatigue.
  2. Expanding capillary vessel and improving micro-circulation to prevent, diminish and cure damage to the hand.



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